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Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the effects of exercise on the body
  • identify the components of health related fitness through involvement in relevant physical activity
  • show an understanding of the role of physical activity in establishing and maintaining health
  • develop a capacity to plan for and participate in regular physical activity.


Content Framework

The student will (appropriate to their own level):

  • understand and perform appropriate actions relating to the themes of travelling, balancing weight and weight transferance
  • demonstrate control of muscular tension and body poise
  • create and perform a short sequence based on the themes of level 1
  • show an ability to link movements and demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts of space and time.


At level 1 two options are provided in terms of how one might approach the teaching of HRA.


Option A:

The first approach taken is to include two core units and six integrated units. The two core units give an introduction to HRA at level 1 and are stand-alone units. The integrated units can be taught following the core units at appropriate times within the year's physical education programme. The examples of integrated units included are adaptations of units from each of the other six activity areas. Teachers may have to plan additional integrated units to suit the activities which they are including in their programme for the year. It is important that integration with the other activity areas is not left to chance and that teachers explicitly plan and deliver units which have a health related focus throughout the year.

Option B:

The second approach offered in these guidelines involves the two core stand-alone units, as previously outlined, followed by three focus units to be included within other areas of study at the discretion of the teacher. The concepts explored in the focus units are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Warm up / Cool down
  • Muscular strength / Endurance

In making decisions relating to content selection, the teacher should reflect on the following points:

  • all activity should be enjoyable and appropriate to the skill level of the students.
  • content should derive from the concepts to be taught.
  • the themes should be integrated with other aspects of the physical education curriculum so as to fulfil the stated objectives.

In devising the health related activity course, content selected should seek to be relevant to students' lives and to inform life long activity choices


Option A & Option B






Unit 1

Core (Stand-alone)

The effects of physical activity on the body.

Unit 2

Core (Stand-alone)

Components of Health Related Fitness


Integrated - Adventure Activities

Cardiovascular endurance


Integrated - Athletics°

Warm up, Cool down


Integrated - Aquatics°

Muscular strength and endurance


Integrated - Games°

Cardiovascular endurance


Integrated - Dance°



Integrated - Gymnastics°

Muscular strength and endurance


* As not all of the areas of study will be taught in one school year, teachers will have to adapt other units to ensure all of the above concepts are covered within their physical education programme.

° The order in which the above are taught will depend on the order in which activities are being taught throughout the year.


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