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Aquatics has a unique place in a balanced physical education programme. It provides students with a waterbased learning experience through participation in a range of structured activities. It provides opportunities for the personal, physical, and social development of each student in a safe, enjoyable environment. There is an emphasis on the student's movement in the water, either by means of identifiable strokes or combinations/adaptations thereof. The student's understanding of personal safety and life saving in the aquatic environment is also addressed.


Aquatics seeks to develop in the student:

  • confidence in the water
  • competence in, and an understanding of, basic water safety and life-saving skills and an ability to make decisions having assessed hazards which relate to water activities
  • an awareness of the value of aquatics as a fitness promoting activity.





  • safe entry
  • feet first (assisted)
  • from sitting
  • step, jumps
  • head first
  • turns and starts

Movement in water


  • travelling - walking, glide
  • propulsion - front and back,
  • kicking, sculling
  • stroke - arm action, kick, breathing (front and back)
  • synchronised
  • games

Aqua fitness


  • warm up - pulse raisers, flexibility
  • aerobic activity
  • local muscular endurance
  • simple circuits

Water safety


  • personal

- rules

- skills - treading water, staying afloat, signalling for help

  • rescue

- rules and procedure

- talk rescue

- reach and throw rescue




On completion of this area of study, students should be able to


  • participate in a variety of simple water games, and swim, competently and safely, on front and back
  • perform at least one swimming stroke competently and safely
  • select and perform appropriate water entry methods
  • perform basic personal survival skills
  • demonstrate a knowledge of elementary principles of land based rescue
  • display an understanding of the benefits of swimming as an aerobic exercise
  • co-operate with others in the learning environment.






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