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Dance seeks to provide a context for aesthetic and artistic experience, and enables the student to develop personally, socially, and physically through participation in dance in an enjoyable environment. At junior cycle, students are presented with opportunities to extend their understanding of a variety of dance forms. Students will be exposed to learning stuations where they interpret ideas and feelings and respond to stimuli using dance movements.


Dance seeks to develop in the student:

  • skilful and creative mastery of the body in a dance context
  • enhanced knowledge and understanding of dance as an aesthetic and artistic experience
  • enriched personal and social development while interacting with others.




Development of basic body actions


  • travel
  • elevation
  • stillness
  • gesture
  • turning

Movement quality


Attention to movement quality through examination of

  • technique
  • expressive elements - time, space, level
  • continuity
  • phrasing



  • individual
  • partner work
  • group work

Dance creation


  • movement composition
  • creation of dance phrases
  • mastery of technical set study



On completion of this area of study, students should be able to


  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a variety of dance forms
  • plan, compose, perform, extend and refine movement in various dance contexts
  • perform dances showing control and sensitivity to the style of the dance, and to the music and/or accompaniment
  • perform short dances including dances from different traditions
  • describe, analyse and interpret dances, recognising differences
  • explore and compose movement motifs/phrases with clarity
  • co-operate in groups to discuss, select, and perform dances.
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