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Athletics at this level involves learning through participation in the fundamental athletic activities of running, jumping and throwing. The skills associated with these activities can, at junior cycle, begin to be applied to modified forms of standard events. The element of competition inherent in athletics is presented here with reference to the abilities of the individual student. Hence the student's experience of competitive situations is in the context of personal goals rather than relating performance to that of others.


Athletics seeks to develop in the student:

  • the ability to participate in running, jumping and throwing activities in a variety of contexts
  • enhanced knowledge and understanding of athletic activities
  • the capacity to set personal goals and understand and appreciate the concept of fair play
  • love for and enjoyment of athletics
  • enhanced social development through participation in group activities.





  • activities to develop the idea of running for speed or endurance
  • basics of relay running
  • starting procedures and reaction to stimuli
  • introduction to running over low obstacles



  • activities to develop the fundamentals of throwing from the chest, behind head, over-arm, using a variety of implements, e.g. balls of all sizes, shots and foam javelins
  • safety procedures for handling and using equipment


  • introduction of standing

- long jump

- triple jump

- high jump

  • introduction of one step

- long jump

- triple jump

- high jump




On completion of this area of study, students should be able to


  • to run at a steady pace, suitable to level of fitness, for a set length of time
  • jump for distance and/or height
  • throw for distance using modified as well standard equipment
  • display an understanding of the principles relating to the performance of athletics activities
  • apply the safety procedures associated with participation in athletic activities
  • demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the rules governing participation in events
  • display an appreciation and enjoyment of athletics
  • set personal challenges and compare performance to previous personal attempts.
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