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The primary objectives of the Physical Education Association of Ireland (PEAI) are as follows:


  1. To improve standards and performance within Physical Education by providing members with opportunities and materials for professional growth, (through the exchange of information and knowledge in the field and related areas).
  2. To keep members up to date on the latest issues, trends, technologies and legislative developments in P.E. and related areas.
  3. To support and disseminate outstanding research.
  4. To safeguard members' interest by speaking with a strong unified voice on relevant issues.
  5. To provide national leadership and opportunities to influence policy and direction in P.E.
  6. To interest public awareness and understanding of the contribution of the Physical Education profession to Irish life.


Further details can be found on their website:

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JCPESS mailing list

icon_speechbubble The JCPESS is facilitating an electronic mailing or discussion list, to facilitate the exchange of opinions and ideas among physical education teachers. The idea is to provide a supported community where teachers learn from each other, can share resources, expertise and other benefits.

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