Health Benefits and Physical Activity

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Role 2


 Your role is to discover as much as you can about
Sense Of Wellbeing And Self Esteem

    In researching this topic you will need to:
  • examine how participating in physical activity can contribute to a sense of well being
  • consider if engaging in a broad variety of physical activities helps you make lifelong choices when it comes to participating in physical activity
  • examine why regular physical activity makes one feel better.
Carry out a brief survey among class members to discover:
  • which activity they like most/least and why do you think this is so
  • the characteristics of activities in which they like/dislike to participate
  • what they consider to be the factors that contibute to enjoyable  participation in physical activity
  • which other activities do they think they might like.

How can I improve My Self Esteem
Self Esteem
Well-being and Self Esteem

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